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Respect for the environment

In respect of the environment we only use all-Italian energy, from renewable sources from the hydroelectric power plants of our Dolomites. Before finding whom to support we did careful research to find out who could help us use Italian energy while respecting the environment. We chose Trentino because it is one of the largest producers of clean energy in Italy that studies innovative solutions that do not weigh on the environment. The hydroelectric power stations of the Dolomites offer energy that comes from renewable sources, it is Italian energy with traced origin and guaranteed by the Energy Services Manager through GO (Origin Guarantees) titles.

We buy products with 100% recyclable packaging, we use single-use tablecloths to guarantee total hygiene and made of 100% compostable cotton, produced in full respect of the environment for a 100% natural, ecological, biodegradable and compostable product. We have chosen to use tablecloths made with compostable material because it is completely recyclable with respect for the environment and nature, the material decomposes faster and does not pollute because it turns into compost, a substance similar to soil. Locanda Avanguardia is careful to use natural products that safeguard nature in compliance with current regulations to guarantee excellent performance to our customers while respecting the environment.


"The first law of ecology is that everything is connected to everything else."
Barry Commoner


The detergents we use are 100% biodegradable, ecological and not tested on animals, they are of vegetable origin without petroleum derivatives to prevent rivers and seas from polyphosphates and various resistant substances of synthetic origin. We choose these products because we pay attention to the environment and the health of our customers, in fact the products we use are not toxic. The detergents we use do not pollute and leave no trace of chemical residue and are not absorbed by the environment, usually the substances that are used are extracted from plants, flowers, fruits and natural elements.

At Locanda Avanguardia we make waste collection with respect for the environment. Proper collection ensures that less garbage is produced and therefore there is better recycling, so the environment remains cleaner. The correct disposal of separate waste collection leads to the recycling of differentiable waste with the advantage in the recovery of raw materials and energy and less final product destined for incinerators / waste-to-energy plants and landfills.

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Inn Hours

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Wednesday and Thursday on call
For check in after 10PM a supplement will be required for the night call.

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