Our cellar


The research and the tradition of our cuisine are enhanced by the rich cellar that has selected national labels, continually tested and updated with particular attention to the wines of our territory, fine and recognized red, white, rosé, sparkling and raisin wines.

Our selection prefers wines produced by artisans that bottle works respecting nature, the territory and our health with care, dedication and harmony to donate genuine and high quality glasses.   

We can give some examples with a small selection of wines, which we have available in our cellar, starting from the products of the Bertagna Winery of Mantua: Garda Merlot DOC and Garda Cabernet PDO. Also in our area we have a wide variety of wines including the most classic Lugana DOP, from the Cobue company, the Marzemino Garda DOC accompanied by the classic Chiaretto DOC, both produced by the Zatti, Brolettino and Ronchedone di Cà dei Frati Company. In the Bresciana area we also add Franciacorta Brut DOCG San Cristoforo.
Of the thriving Veronese area we have chosen two wineries in particular: Azienda Agricola Monte Santoccio, with their production of Valpolicella (superior and revision), Amarone and Recioto; and Cantine Masi with Rosa dei Masi IGT and CampoFiorin.
Finally, we mention the only selected wines that are not part of the territories bordering on us: Barbera Silvester DOC (AA Fiordaliso) and Rosso di Montalcino DOC (Società Agricola Fonterenza)


"Great is the fortune of he who possesses a good bottle, a good book, and a good friend."


Craft beers

Our selection of craft beers comes from the "LUPPOLAJO" Agribirrificio of Castel Goffredo MN.
We have chosen it as our partner for the passion, for the Km "0", for the continuous experimentation and the research of new products and for the experience in the cultivation of cereals that for over a century the Azienda Agricola Treccani has been handed down from generation to generation. in generation. These beers are produced mainly from grains sown and collected in the family fund, from fine hops and selected yeasts, essential ingredients to obtain a craft beer that is an expression of our territory and full of unique scents.

You can refresh yourself with a high fermentation blanche or with an Ipa or a Kolsch which are our most classic beers. While if you want to taste something more sought after a GEM SESSION - beer with high fermentation Mantuan rice - will be for you. If you want to try something special and seasonal we have for you the Mantva - high fermentation beer and refermented in the bottle with pumpkin added. Finally, for the strongest and most demanding palates we have selected Barricades, brandy, rum or amarone beers.

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