Our restaurant in Solferino

From the beginning...

The history of the Avanguardia restaurant of the Molinari family began back in 1968, in a building dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, already used as a tavern in those days.

The brothers Olinto and Marino Molinari with his wife Pierina, originally from the Lessinia mountains, arrive in the Lombard plain carrying the traditions and recipes of their territory.

Over the years the family grew with the arrival of Graziosa, Stefano and Fiorenza, sons of Marino and Pierina and with Carolina, wife of Olinto and their children: Maurizio, Tullio and Elena.

Following this, the inn develops from a simple restaurant to a trattoria, offering a more complete service in the catering sector.

ristorante a solferino
ristorante a solferino

...to the present day

Today the restaurant is run by Maurizio and Alessandra who together decided to follow their principles:

Tradition - Research - Seasonality - Respect.

Maintaining genuineness and simplicity in the recipes of their tradition, they have created menus that follow the seasonality of the products, to which they have added vegetables from the garden, artisanal bread with mother yeast, 100% national products, DOP, IGP, IGT, DOC, DOCG, Biological and Zero km.
Essential elements for an excellent cuisine dedicated to preserving the flavors of the past.

They also undertake to use renewable energy sources and entirely recyclable materials. For this reason the tablecloths are now disposable and made of 100% compostable cotton, to guarantee total hygiene and respect for the environment.

Our specialties

Ours is a home cooking, with typical Mantuan-Venetian cuisine, with strictly homemade pasta and desserts, a hot cart of roasts and mixed boiled meats accompanied by sauces of your choice such as Veronese Pearà, Crèn, Mantuan Mustard, tasty green sauce and pepper sauce. Local cured meats, grilled meats, hot side dishes such as mashed potatoes, catalogna, peperonata and other seasonal vegetables and GLUTEN FREE dishes, WITHOUT LACTIC, VEGETARIANS and VEGAN, to satisfy all types of palates.